hobbitYou might think that it has to do with parking problems. It doesn’t.

You might think it is because both Sunday services are generally 80% full. It’s not.

You might think our staff and volunteers need more to do. No, it’s definitely not that either.

But we are going on an adventure!

Moving to a third service opportunity for people is primarily for one reason – souls. Last I checked there were still around 20,000 people in our area – and that basically doubles in summer time — and yet a generous estimation of those who would say they are connected with an evangelical Bible-loving, Jesus-centered church here (that’s connected, not even regularly attending or involved!) would only be around 800 folks! There is work to be done!

Yes we are having pretty full services on Sunday generally speaking, and yes there are parking problems at times BUT the main thing is Рthere are many people yet to be reached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our area. Looking for more to do? Ha! We would love to be doing a better job of looking after the folks we have, however, that is not a reason to stop growing, stop reaching, stop hoping, stop sowing! The harvest is still ripe! We are called to grow. We are called to make disciples. We are called to provide as many opportunities as we can for people in the South Cariboo to hear the Gospel; we are called to be part of the Church Christ is building. If we lose our passion for souls, we lose. We become stagnant and inward focused. We cannot let that happen. We are called to be a healthy church and healthy churches grow. They are not perfect but they do grow if things are being done rightly. Now growing things change, and changing things challenge.

So we know there will be challenges in this experiment – and that is what it is. I am not afraid to look back after we’ve experimented for a couple months and go – “well guys, this ain’t working, let’s do something different.”


So we are going to experiment for 10 weeks starting Saturday September 24th at 5:30 p.m. The content will be the same as Sunday morning; the worship teams the same as Sunday morning; offerings will be cheered at, video announcements will be groaned at — the DNA is the same – but it will be a different sibling, and as a result we will have challenges.

We’ll be facing challenges as far as our volunteers and staff. We are looking at our rotations both in the preaching and in the worship teams, not to mention ushering, greeting, security — so there will be more opportunity for people to utilize their skills as well. This will unfold as we see who it is that become part of the Saturday evening crowd.

Sunday mornings will look or feel a little different as a result of ‘more red space’ in the pews and this is predicted and very normal. We hope though that after a few weeks of adjusting the sails, that all three services will begin to fill in the red space of the pews because of what God is doing — and the contagious result is that people start inviting their friends.

Our leadership team feels strongly this is the right time and space to try this experiment so we are going to give it a go, knowing that we all need to be flexible and fluid, and have great grace for one another in the journey!

So pack your bags, buckle up, chip in for gas cuz we are about to embark on a new adventure!