Band of Brothers

BOBdaysWe’re better together.

Men at CCLF want to be those who are encouraging each other, spurring one another on, lending a hand when needed and sharpening each other like iron sharpens iron.

To that end, we formed the Band of Brothers with the motto “We’re Better Together” and we meet every other Tuesday in our Fireside Room at 1900hrs. The night usually includes some big screen DVD teaching or movie that we springboard from into discussion and prayer together. It has brought a real sense of togetherness in the men of the church and truly we are better together, better sons, better fathers, better husbands, better men.

We also meet at 6 am every Thursday at the A&W restaurant for prayer and ministry. We call it the Watering Whole where men take SIPS – Scripture, Interaction, Prayer and Service. We are intentionally a man-friendly church and the brothers are stepping up into being the men of God that God has called them to be!