Ephesians – Living on Purpose for the Glory of God!

ephSo we’ve been in the Book of Ephesians since the beginning of 2016 – and we are just starting Chapter 4! How cool is that?!

We call them ‘books’ but really, they are letters and Acts was like a travel journal. Paul wrote the letter we call Ephesians as a pastoral encouragement to the Church at Ephesus. Pastor Gary called it “the whole Bible in one book” – and truly that’s a good thought! The GPrintospel is clear in Ephesians from beginning to end, our identity in Christ is a major focus, spiritual warfare is highlighted in the last segment, and all of it “to the praise of God’s glory” – mentioned several times through out.

While Acts follows the stories of a few individuals and there are several lengthy narratives, Ephesians is packed full of one liner theology in every verse. Literally every verse could be a sermon — this may be a long series! I mean, how would you describe a rainbow to a blind person… or the sweetness of honey to someone who cannot taste? That’s what Paul seems to be trying to do – describing the best way he can all that God has accomplished for us in Christ, and then how he expects us to then live in response. It’s amazing and hard to describe!

Join us online or in person to follow along on the journey of Living on Purpose for the Glory of God! It’s really what life is all about!