One Church Gathering

image1 (2)Just because we say it is a One Church Gathering doesn’t mean that every church in the South Cariboo is gathering… but our aim as the Evangelical Pastors’ Association is that all who name Jesus Christ as their Lord, preach His Gospel and love His Word would actually gather together this coming Sunday at the Save-On parking lot. There will be those who want to stay within their four walls. That’s normal.

The original idea to get together in this fashion however, was birthed out of the pastors’ prayer weekly prayer time together. Someone asked, “why don’t we shut the doors of our buildings one Sunday and all just meet together?” Those who were there that day some years back, were excited about the possibilities to “make every effort to maintain unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.” (Ephesians 4:3).

So the pastors plan out the service and the congregations come together and several surprises seem to take place, such as someone gets healed, someone simply walking by is drawn in and next thing you know, they start attending a church.

I liked it when I overheard one brother look across the Gathering and saw another guy and he shockingly states, “hey, I play hockey with that guy!” That’s very cool when Christians see each other, recognize Christ in one another, and that fact alone changes things. CCLF Poster – Aug 14 Proof (1)

That goes a long ways in maintaining unity of the Spirit in our little town.

So check it out this Sunday at 10 a.m. but more than checking it out, bring someone, look around and connect with someone. Don’t sit back as if it’s a show. The Bible says that “they’ll know we are Christians when they SEE our love one for another. So let’s be out there and represent!

Invite folks. Get involved. Spread the Word. Jesus is in town and there’s a Gathering at 10 a.m. in the Save On parking lot Sunday!