Trip of A Lifetime! Israel in April 2018!

IMG_9035The gate has been closed! The deadlines are over to get in on the 2018 trip of a lifetime this coming April. But there’s always next year!

Can you imagine walking in the footsteps of Jesus, feeling the Sea of Galilee lapping upon your feet? How about sitting on the hillside at Capernaum, the likely spot where Jesus spoke the Sermon on the Mount, seeing what they believe is the actual home of Peter the Apostle?! There’ll be floating in the Dead Sea, walking through ancient sites such as Masada, EnGedi where David hid from Saul, the Garden of Gethsemane, the Garden Tomb, and much much more.

The tour cost is approximately $3000 Canadian, including all tips and gratuities, accommodations at four and five star hotels, all breakfast, lunch and suppers, all sites, professional guides, and all travel within Israel.

The Flight costs will vary depending on whether people arrange their own flight or get in on our own Group Flight out of Vancouver, which has generally be in the ball park of $1500 Canadian. Obviously the $$ can change with the Canadian dollar and air travel changes but that is the approximate cost.

Are you in? Think it through. Could this be the time for you to experience not only the ancient sites, but also the Living Stones of Israel – as we meet with the Jewish believers living there, worship with them in a Messianic Synagogue and hear the hearts of local leaders, testimonies of the people of Israel, both Arab and Jew. This is an amazing opportunity!

Pastor Rick has been to Israel 10 times. Our Spiritual Advisor Marty Shoub lived in Israel for 8 years and will offer special insights and teaching on the Tour. Write if you are interested and would like a brochure or further information.

“We saw many amazing sites, things that we have read about for years in the Scriptures; If we tend to read the Bible in black and white, we certainly can read it more “live and in colour” now! ~ Pastor Bruce Wilcox, Cariboo Presbyterian Church

For me seeing everything was a big help, not just for the experience but also for the education, culturally and geographically. I was just reading in Judges 18 yesterday about the tribe of Dan seeking a place to live, and now I know exactly where it is talking about. So though it was hard

to spend all that money God really proved Himself through it, and I see it as more of an investment than just spending money.”
- Youth Specialist Neil Dyck