“Better Together!” Men’s Conference Slated

Messages Image(1469234884)“We’re Better Together!” is the slogan for CCLF’s Band of Brothers men’s group and that is the title of this year’s Spring Men’s Conference with BC Lions coaching staffers, Mark Washington and Chris Boyko.

The conference, slated for March 1-2, will feature these two motivational speakers as we look at how often God puts two men together in the trenches of spiritual warfare – whether it is Moses and Joshua, Joshua and Caleb, David and Jonathan, Peter and John, Paul and Timothy, Paul and Silas, and on and on it goes down through history.

mwRemember the story of Eleazar, the son of Dodo, who fought back to back with David at Pas Damin where the Lord gave them a great victory over the many enemies. It says that Eleazar’s hand clung to the hilt of his sword following the battle because he fought so hard. It also points to the fact it don’t matter what you come from (son of Dodo…) God can use you!

Or consider all the mighty men of David, who fought for a patch of barley or beans, guys who heard a lion roar in a pit – and decided to jump in to fight it. Or think of those two who heard their King, David, say “oh for a drink of water from the well at Bethlehem” and then looked at each other, gave a nod and off they went to fetch it, crossing over behind enemy lines to do it. They brought it back and what did David do? He poured it out on the ground for their sacrificial effort was so great, he couldn’t find it in himself to drink it!MarkWashington

We are going to hear Mark and Chris inspire us in working together to be better, better husbands, better sons, better brothers, better fathers –¬† better men for Christ, through Christ and in Christ.

The cost for the two-day event, which kicks off Friday night with a steak dinner, plus includes a hearty breakfast Saturday morning, is only $20 per man.

There will also be an OPEN-TO-ALL event on Saturday night to hear the testimonies of these two athletes, and how Jesus Christ continues to impact their lives.

So mark your calendars men! March 2 and 3, the first weekend of March — that is less than three months away! Stay tuned for more details!Chris 3 Chris Chris2