Extraordinary Movie Event!

1500x500_extraordinaryWell known Canadian Stand Up Comic Leland Klassen stars in Extraordinary, an epic true story about one man’s legacy as he fights for meaning, his marriage and family as a marathon runner.

The seemingly endless road beckons. Well beyond exhausted, his body trudges onward—quitting is never an option. Aiming toward the finish line of another transcontinental race, he senses his prize this time is much greater than any medal or honor. Every step leads him closer to home.

Based on a true marriage journey, EXTRAORDINARY tells the amazing story of ultra-marathon runner and college professor David Horton, his wife, Nancy, and their attempt to finish their marriage race well. Will David hear the voice of Jesus and rekindle his relationship with God and David’s family? Will he finish the race?

Find out in this funny, heartwarming and inspiring film. Great for couples and suitable for the entire family!

We’ll be airing this incredible movie at Cariboo Christian Life Fellowship (CCLF) on Sunday, November 19 at 6 p.m. Advance tickets are $10 (purchased at the CCLF office or online at HERE ) and $12 at the door.

For more information contact 250 791 5532.

Case for Christ to play again!

case-for-christHey, the blockbuster movie “Case for Christ” will run again in 100 Mile; we’re just nailing down some dates!

It is based on the best-selling book of the same name by Lee Strobel and is about his life as an investigative journalist and self-proclaimed atheist setting out to disprove the existence of God after his wife becomes a Christian. Reviews of the movie have been good.

There were two show times at the South Cariboo Theatre recently, one a Saturday matinee at 2 p.m. and the other on a Sunday afternoon at 5 p.m. Thirty folks showed up for the first and about 90 for the second showing. Following the second showing, the theatre owner asked me whether we might want to run it again. While it seems like a “no brainer” I also do not want to see a lame response from the community of faith. So, those 120 who saw the movie will need to get their game on and invite others out once we know the exact date and times! Stay tuned! This is an outstanding film, pretty intense and very relatable to many people in many different ways.

Come out and support our South Cariboo Theatre folks who have brought this movie in specially for the Community of Faith. Bring a friend. Talk about it afterward. A healthy community of faith is a sharing community of faith!

Christmas Services

wizard-of-oz1Christmas Eve — 4:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. Enter into the Power of STORY as we discover that all the great themes of all the great stories, stories that are worth the telling, carry the same storyline ~ there’s a hero; there’s a villain, there’s a battle to be fought, a rescue, a triumph, a great reunion at the end.

That is the story of the Gospel. That is the story of the Incarnation. The backdrop to the manger scene at Bethlehem was WAR in heaven according to the Book of Revelation (chapter 12). See what was really going on behind the scenes that first Christmas.

Take in the drama, the monologues, the music and the video Christmas Eve at 4:30 or 6:30 p.m.

Christmas Morning will have us meeting at 11 a.m. for an hour long service of carols, cuteness (video announcement) and call – Pastor Gary’s sermon for the day.

Merry Christmas to all!

Light UP the Night

Looking for a fun, indysafe, Family-oriented event for Halloween? Come to LIGHT UP THE NIGHT! at Cariboo Christian Life Fellowship (CCLF) Oct 31 at 5:30 p.m.

The event is a Oh CanadaTheme and is full of what your kids want — candy! And games, stations where kids can have fun pulling prizes out of interesting places, trying their hand at lasooing a horse (not a real horse, not a real lasoo!) and much much more!

There will be an ongoing cupcake walk, a bonfire, free hot dogs, hot chocolate, coffee etc!

You’ll be so blessed! Lots of candy. Lots of Fun. And all free! This is done in partnership with funding from the Community Foundations Canada.IMG_9344IMG_9338

An encouraging note…

Every once in a while a letter like this comes across my desk and simply cheers the heart. I feel I should share it with a caution, that we boast only in what Christ has done as we are reminded to live out a couple of verses in particular in Isaiah 26 — Isaiah 26:8 “Yes, Lord, walking in Your ways, we wait for You. Your Name and Your fame are the desire of our hearts.” And Isaiah 26:12 – “Indeed everything we have done, Lord, You have accomplished for us.”
Pastor Rick
Where does one begin with Who we have for as such an awesome God? Psalm 119:161 – “but my heart stands in awe of Your words.” Psalm 117:2 – For Great is His steadfast love for us and the faithfulness of the Lord endures forever.”
I have experienced His love before but never to the depth as this past year in coming to CCLF.
He has created such a melting pot of souls that, this is the most profound Christian family that I have had the pleasure of knowing and belonging to.
His people here give love so freely one cannot help but feel breathless. They are self-sacrificing, humble, kind, generous, good – the words and expressions of their love is endless.
I have been so blessed by all of you – not just the ones I have come to know but the others also with whom I am less familiar. Because we live as one body in Christ, I am blessed in spirit by Spirit. I Cor. 12:12 “For just as the body is one that has many parts so it is with Christ.”
I am sharing this because I have been rendered speechless by the generosity of one or more persons this past week. I am stunned and brought to my knees with praise and thanksgiving, first for such a loving God and secondly for such a people who willingly obey the Spirit of God as they are prompted!
We can never outdo God in generosity Luke 6:38 “give and it will be given to you, pressed down, a good measure, shaken together and running over poured out into your lap – for the measure you give will be the measure you get back.”
So this runs both ways – if what God sees you give is the most you can give, even if it seems little to you, He blesses it. And if you think the gift you give will bless someone – even though you may not know how much, I believe if the one who gets it is blessed 20 fold in their eyes, then the one who gave it will be blessed 20 fold as well!
We all come from different places, countries, cultures, churches etc. None of it matters for we are all one in Christ. So let me say Thank You to each and every one of you. May God bless each and every one of you all as richly as the He has blessed me in coming here, back home with God our Father, Christ our brother and the Holy Spirit our Comforter and Teacher.
Your loving sister in Christ, Theresa S.

Peace Meal – Come to the Table

IMG_1584Looking for a unique night out this April? Bring your family and friends to PEACE MEAL, a very special and inspiring event combining music and story taken from the Gospels coming to a church in 100 Mile near you.

The amazingly talented troupe is made up of guitarist Russ Rosen, sought-after keyboardist extraordinaire (meaning he plays a mean saxophone as well) Brett Ziegler and 21st century “bard” Justyn Rees.

Hailing from the UK, Rees uses a wide array of accents from a rich Scottish brogue to a London cockney in playing some of the main characters surrounding the final days on earth of Jesus Christ, and how they interact with their “Boss” as well as each other.

Rosen and Ziegler use a blend of contemporary and classic Christian songs as well as some secular tunes from the current hit parade to highlight the storytelling of Rees. Together they poke a bit of fun at the common church-goer, environmentalists, protestants & Catholics and in the meantime speak a powerful message of reconciliation throughout.IMG_1583

Here’s the schedule as it stands with an offering each night to help cover expenses:

Sunday, April 24 – 7 p.m. at CCLF (Check it out if you’re a little sketchy before inviting your friends to one of the other nights! But then make sure you invite them!)

Tuesday, April 26 – 7 p.m. Bethel Chapel

Wednesday, April 27 – 7 p.m. New Wine Fellowship

Thursday, April 28 – 7 p.m. Lac La Hache Presbyterian Church

Mark your calendars and do something special for Passover Week! Come to Peace Meal at a church near you!Peace Meal

Comedian to highlight Christmas Banquet

LelandasMichaelStand-out Canadian stand-up comedian, Leland Klassen, will bring the hilarity at this year’s CCLF Christmas Banquet, which generally speaking is full of fun, laughter and a whole lot of food.

THIS IS A NIGHT YOU WANT TO INVITE YOUR FRIENDS! The giant potluck event is held Friday, Dec. 4 at the Peter Skene Ogden gymnasium (because there isn’t a local space big enough to host the dinner) and if past year’s are any indication, everyone is going to have a hoot! REMEMBER YOU NEED TO SIGN UP TO COME, COMMIT TO BRINGING SOME FOOD AND JOT DOWN HOW MANY FRIENDS YOU WILL BRING TOO! Sign up by calling the church office (150 791 5532) if you haven’t seen a clipboard. The doors open at 5:30 p.m. and the dinner is at 6 p.m. [and if you want to help set up, that takes place at 4].

There’ll be give-aways, loads of turkey dinner with all the fixins (and much much more food) a pile of desserts, and some of the best side-splitting laughter the Cariboo has ever seen.

Leland Klassen is a favorite with the CCLF’ers since he has done several shows here as benefit concerts for sponsoring orphan children. His brand of poke-fun-at-myself humour always leaves ‘em laughing.

Raised on a farm in the heart of Canada, Leland quickly learned that shovelling manure and weeding potatoes, although lucrative, wasn’t his passion in life.  So with absolutely no clear direction or vision for his future he did what everyone does when they find themselves in that position  – he went to University.   He wisely chose his classes based on whichever cute girl happened to catch his attention and after several short years of last minute cramming and late assignments Leland graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with a degree in Anthropology.

 As you might have guessed, Leland’s university education opened many doors for him in the years to come, but for some reason he was dissatisfied working for a courier as a night shift stock boy.  By this time married and with his first child soon on the way the most responsible and obvious choice was, of course, to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.

lelStarting off at amateur nights and seedy bars Leland decided right from the beginning that he would remain clean despite what everyone else was doing and as a result over the last 16 years Leland has become recognized as Canada’s premier clean comedian.  With his unique intelligence and wit Leland has carved out quite a niche for himself in the world of entertainment.  Using his farm boy charm and handsome (although somewhat inbred) Mennonite good looks, Leland’s clever observations and rich life experiences are brought to life in a one of a kind show.


Halifax Comedy Fest 2014

Just for Laughs in Montreal, 1999, 2001, 2004 and 2014

Host of Popcorn TV

Featured on Thou Shalt Laugh 5

Host of Comedy Tournament

Co-Host GMA Canada 2009, 2012 and 2013

Promise Keepers Canada

Episode of the US syndicated comedy series “Bananas”

Two of his own television series’ on the West Coast,

as well as Appeared on numerous other programs

across the United States and Canada, such as

Comedy Network, CBC Television, YTV, Star TV, Global and Discovery Kids

And just like his stand-up career Leland was recognized for excellence in the television world, receiving the BCAB 2002 Broadcast Performer of Tomorrow award for his comedic work as host of Retro on NOW TV in Vancouver.

This is one night you don’t want to miss! Sign up today.


latest pics2 133 CCLF’s annual Halloween alternative – a safe place for kids to have fun, get candy, hang out, do games, win prizes, and for parents to connect with others too! ALL FREE.

The grounds of CCLF will be lit up like daylight and from 5 p.m. onward, a steady stream of families will take in the night, enjoy free hot chocolate, coffee or tea, free hot dogs and cotton candy. It’s an amazing event for the community to enjoy.

It winds down by 7 p.m. so still lots of time to get in IMG_1132on some fireworks somewhere or other visits you need to get to on the night.

The Costume Theme this year is Heroes — we don’t want to see a bunch of ghoulish costumes to scare the children. It’s a family-oriented, safe and friendly event. Mark your calendar!!

Lorrie White guest speaker at Ladies Supper

lorrie2Lorrie White, the widow of the late Dr. John White, is the featured guest speaker at a special ladies potluck supper Saturday, April 11 at 6 p.m. at Cariboo Christian Life Fellowship.

Lorrie brings with her a wealth of experience walking with the Lord and His church for many, many years, as well as navigating her own struggles with a husband who suffered and died in 2002 from Alzheimer’s disease and heart disease. She has also remained faithful through hard years of parenting and just life in general. Husband John was a prolific writer of over 25 books and a well known pastor in the charismatic movement.

Although getting on in earthly age, Lorrie continues to have an ongoing and active ministry in Israel and South Korea and is seen as a “mother of nations” – in particular to many pastors and pastor’s wives across Canada, having served in pastoral ministry for many years as well.
A sweetheart of a saint, it is a privilege to have Lorrie White speak to our ladies at CCLF — all are welcomed to bring a meal and join in the fellowship this Saturday, April 11 at 6 p.m.

Backbone Parenting Seminar!

bob‘If only kids came with manuals’ has been said many a time by parents wishing there was a step-by-step manual to assist them in raising their children.

The truth is, parents want the best for their children and are concerned about making mistakes in their parenting, which could cause problems in the future. Many moms and dads are looking for supportive tools, successful principles and wise advice to assist them.
Bob Trainor, of Vista Point Coaching, created a seminar that is doing just that. ‘Backbone Parenting… making parenting fun’ has had immense impact on parents who have attended this compelling seminar.

They are saying the seminar is “Excellent, Amazing, Empowering, Incredible and Life Changing”.

In this two-part seminar, Bob will unfold practical principles for you to implement immediately that will energize your parenting experience. Bob will teach you how to:

• Avoid the pitfalls of long years of miscommunication, stress and disappointment by parenting to your child’s natural strengths.

• Break the frustration of getting your child to learn.

• Teach your child social skills that will build self-esteem and steer them away from the wrong crowd.

• Empower your child to say NO in situations that could potentially lead to them to be taken advantage of and used by manipulators and bullies.

• Change the weight and despair of negative behaviour patterns.

• Discipline your children without them resenting you or rebelling against you.

• Teach your children to avoid self-loathing, self-hatred, and hurting themselves.

• Make sex education a natural aspect of parenting to avoid unwanted pregnancies, STD’s, sadness and disappointment, lack of fulfillment and emptiness.

• Win the ‘tidy up’ war.

• Have fun as a parent so you can teach your children how to play. •

Lead your children instead of following them.

• Implement the 5 A’s of parenting to avoid years of rejection, lack of self worth, and alienation in your children.

• Dissipate anger, belittling, teasing and sarcasm in your children. • Make parenting FUN.


When: Part 1 Monday, April, 13 @ 6:30pm to 9:00pm; Part 2 Tuesday, April, 14 @ 6:30pm to 9pm

Cost is $35 for Parenting Single, $60 for Parenting Couple

Bob Trainor is a Certified Professional Co-active coach and counselor who has the skills to identify possibilities in his clients whether they are men, women, children and families or businesses. In fact his oldest client was 105 years old and his youngest client was three years old. Bob’s out of the box approach to his work opens the doors of success to those he works alongside. His own life experiences melded together with the natural gifts God has blessed him with and the immense amount of training Bob has invested in, makes him a sought-after coach/counselor and speaker. In the past, Bob played college football at Boise State University, served as chaplain to the BC Lions Football Team and created the first Alternate School in North Vancouver. Recognizing the need for a private adoption agency, Bob opened up the first private one in BC that has facilitated hundreds of domestic and international adoptions. He has spoken to thousands of people in his career, directed coed teen camps for 30 years, has been on numerous radio interviews and TV shows and even graced a major magazine cover. Bob and his wife Bev are parents of three grown children and proud grandparents of four grandchildren. They have opened their home to 14 foster children and over 50 international students. Currently, Bob’s call and passion is to see men and women, young and old break through the negative experiences of their past that hinder them from living to their fullest as an individual, partner, parent, leader or friend. He does this by supporting the individual with one to one Coaching/Counseling, Seminars and Boot Camps. His seminars “Managing the Cycle of Disappointment”, “Keeping Your Head in the Game”, Understanding the Needs of the Adoptive Child”, “Dealing with Grief and Loss Associated with Infertility”, “Man, the Quest to be a Hero” and “Backbone Parenting – Making Parenting Fun” are transforming lives and empowering people to seek their greatest potential.